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This dynamic and comprehensive Professional International SFX Makeup Course, offered by a leading institute renowned for its excellence in creative arts education, is designed to equip aspiring makeup artists with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to excel in the specialized field of special effects (SFX) makeup and prosthetics. Spanning a rigorous curriculum, this program encompasses theoretical foundations, hands-on practical sessions, and real-world application, all under the guidance of industry-expert .

Course Highlights

  • Expert Instruction: Learn from internationally recognized SFX makeup artists and prosthetics specialists who bring a wealth of experience from film, television, theater, and more.
  • Hands-on Experience: Color Theory Immerse yourself in practical workshops, gaining proficiency in creating realistic injuries, fantasy characters, and intricate prosthetic applications.
  • Industry Insights: Benefit from guest lectures by established professionals, industry visits, and networking opportunities, gaining valuable insights into the global SFX makeup landscape.
  • Advanced Prosthetic Techniques: Delve into the art of prosthetic creation and application, mastering the intricate process of lifelike character transformation.


The program, designed by prominent experts in the industry, encompasses guidance spanning makeup, skincare, hairstyling, nail care, and overall beauty within the realm of the Glamour & Fashion sector.

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Gain in-depth expertise in makeup, hair, beauty, nail, and cosmetology through expert-led courses.

Comprehensive Training

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Access valuable internship opportunities to immerse yourself in real-world settings.

Industry Exposure

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Build a professional portfolio for free, showcasing your skills and accomplishments.

Portfolio Enhancement

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Receive thorough education from industry experts, covering all aspects of the subjects.

Expert Instruction

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Benefit from special classes like personality development, salon management, brand workshops, masterclasses, and digital marketing management.

Holistic Learning

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Enjoy 100% job assistance upon completion of your courses, enhancing your employability in the beauty and cosmetology industry.

Career Support


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