The UK International London Beauty School offers CDESCO courses, including Cidesco certificate in aesthetics and Cidesco diploma in Media makeup. As an authorized partner, the school provides comprehensive training in these two specialized CDESCO programs. Students benefit from expert instruction and hands-on experience, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards. Whether pursuing a career in aesthetics or media makeup, aspiring professionals can trust the school's commitment to excellence and its authorized status



UK International, a CIDESCO certified academy, delivers esteemed beauty and makeup qualifications recognized globally. Offering full-time, part-time, and online options, it adapts to diverse schedules. Courses cater to aspirants seeking expertise, regardless of prior experience. Students find their path to excellence through training and achievement. For those accomplished individuals, CIDESCO collaborates with UK International in presenting Post Graduate/Recognize Prior Learning Courses. The academy's commitment to quality education is evident in its global recognition. As a career catalyst, UK International aligns learning with lifestyles, shaping beauty and makeup professionals who thrive on a worldwide stage.



The UK International London Beauty School offers a transformative opportunity through its CIDESCO Diploma in Media Makeup. This comprehensive program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as makeup artists on a global scale. Covering a wide spectrum of subjects, from makeup terminology to the latest trends, including mineral makeup and client hygiene standards, this course ensures students are well-prepared for the dynamic world of cosmetics.
The curriculum also delves into catwalk fashion makeup trends and the historical evolution of fashion makeup. Armed with this holistic education, graduates are poised to make their mark in the international makeup industry. The CIDESCO Diploma from this renowned institution opens doors to a world of possibilities, allowing students to confidently pursue their dreams as makeup experts on a global stage

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