UK International is a platform where all those aspirants willing to be a perfect makeup artist can join multiple courses as per their interests and demand. It has trained and prepared various artists with perfection like better time management and command over skills. With precise product delivery, it has emerged as one of the best makeup institutes with special offers and reliable courses.

  • Time Management:

    For perfect time management we train with appropriate tools and techniques.

  • Skill Development:

    Our courses are introduced with the appropriate training through experts in this field.


Mr. Abdul Khan

It has always been said as a famous narrative that "once you decide to ensure success and starts your works with that vision", it becomes true and indeed affective.

MR Abdul Khan has been exponentially growing the UK International with such kind of potential. He always try to be ahead with his vision and takes initiative for all kinds of efforts.

  • Visionary leader driving strategic growth and innovation.

  • Transformative strategies elevating industry standards.

  • Dedication to nurturing talent and continuous improvement.


MRS. Uzma Khan

MRS. Uzma Khan is a young and enthusiastic person who has a dream to start an illustrative career and startup that can directly benefit enormous aspirants willing to start their career as a makup artist.

She has been elevating the organization with her insight and transformative ideas. With her efforts and innovative initiatives, UK International has achieved a lot of success and achievements.

  • Dynamic leader with a vision for aspiring makeup artists.

  • Innovative initiatives driving UK International's success.

  • Insightful leadership elevating organizational growth and prominence.