Shaping up a Career in Health & Beauty Industry

Shaping up a Career in Health & Beauty Industry

Shaping up a Career in Health & Beauty Industry

How to shape a career in beauty industry

Select your course first

It is most important and necessary part of your future. Do proper research on institute which you are considering for study. Carmen says, at a starting point you should see whether institute is giving all necessary trainings and experience which are needed for employment after graduation. He said, the most important thing is employability, reputation, and industry relevance. Spa and beauty industry are highly competitive and fast growing. While choosing an institute you should not only emphasis on the quality of training but also on future employment opportunities for self-employment.

Feel your strength and interest

In which beauty area you are interested? Do you want to learn about aesthetician, chemical peel, nail technician or any other? Find the course that is related to your field of interest. Many students change their profession when they progress through their studies and expose to modern criteria.

Choose a course with hand on training

As you gain much of knowledge from theory side of thing, but you should choose a course which includes training with hands. In this way you will be able to enhance your skills through practice. Torrens university of Australia in Bachelor of Health Science provides hands on training also to introduce how to use advanced technologies. For internship, it also helps their student by making strong interaction with industries. Not also all that it also helps their student in future employment.

Be ready for modern requirements

If you are going to be a nail technician or have strong interest in this field do not stick yourself to that field but also keep your mind open to get modern opportunity from changing criteria of all industries.

Learn from people who came before

A key to a successful life or career is to teach yourself from your peers or experts. You can do it at your beauty school, college and from YouTube bloggers.

Teach yourself

In beauty industry, the most helpful thing is to teach yourself. You can practice on your face and can try different looks that you can try on other.


As cosmetic surgeon

No doubt, cosmetic surgeon is the most profitable job now a days worldwide. According to a survey, A well reputed cosmetic surgeon can earn up to INR 15,00,000 a year, depending on its specialty. It is the amazing feeling when you have a power to change someone’s appearance. Although that profession not only gives you an attractive salary but also give a chance to change anyone’s life.

What you have

To become a cosmetic surgeon is not easy is a long rout in which you must complete your medical school first, residency at any hospital, then personal research of two years, then specialized fellowship depending on you that which part of body you want focus.

As a Private cosmetic dentist

Like cosmetic surgery, this profession also generous with high salary. cosmetic dentists make your smile camera ready. They eliminate minor imperfection of your smile and make you confident. Braces, teeth whitening and Invisalign are most expensive treatments.

What you need for it?

You must complete your five-year bachelor’s degree in dentistry. And then must practice. For a dentist or orthodontist, you need training of years.

As a Beautician

This is another one profession which enjoying economic boom. They focus special on skin care, cosmetics, and make-up. It has a firm position in beaty industry.

What you need for it?

You need friendly and positive outlooks to be successful. You also need training in beauty therapy. Best beauty academy for makeup course in Noida is UK INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY.

As an Esthetician 

Esthetician is good choice for you if you have keen interest in skin care. They have various skills i.e., facials permanent makeup, laser hair removal and much more.

What you need for it?

You need a certificate to become an esthetician. Different requirements are needed in different states. Mostly you required six-month training if you practice full time or require 9 to 12 months if you practice part time.

As a Stylist

A stylist helps their client by guiding them to wear trendy and stylish.

What you need for it?

To be a stylist you may need a degree, a certificate or nothing at all. Being a stylist, you must have strong contacts in industry.

As an Image consultant

An image consultant helps in image capturing and presentation.

What you need for it?

For an image consultant you need proper training. After proper training you will get proper certificate which help in further work.

Some institutes are

  • Image Consulting Business Institute (Multiple Locations)
  • Istituti Callegari Milano (Mumbai)
  • Impact Image Consultants (Mumbai, Bangalore)

As a Tattoo artist

A tattooist is an individual who applies permanent attractive tattoos at a spot called tattoo parlor, tattoo shop. Tattoo artist is an excellent choice as a career.

What you need for it?

For a tattoo artist you need proper license. You must take some art lessons to draw something on anyone. A collage degree may help in getting job.

As a Makeup artist

Makeup artists apply makeup on their clients faces. Makeup artist can try itself in following fields i.e., movies, tv shows, weddings etc.

What you need for it?

You must get training in beauty school or practice on yourself.

Some institute are

  • Uk Beauty School
  • Make me upp

As a Beauty therapist

A beauty therapist can go in different fields. They do their beauty treatments on hands, faces and feet of their clients. They do manicure, pedicure, and hair removal etc.

What you need for it?

A collage is required for this. You need an NSDC Certified in beauty therapy with level 2 or 3.

Career after doing bachelor’s in health sciences.

  • Dermal therapist
  • Clinic and/or practice manager
  • Aesthetic clinician
  • Pre- and post-operative patient care support (wound healing)
  • Educator and industry trainer
  • Paramedical aesthetician
  • IPL and laser technician

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