Make your own skincare routine

Skin Care

Our skin is the most important and largest part of body. Skin has three layers and made up of several components i.e. lipids, proteins, water, different chemicals, and minerals. Your skin job is to protect you from germs and infections. Skin generate itself almost after every 27 days. Proper skin care is essential for marinating its health.

How should take care of your Skin

Here are some simple and useful tips.

By cleansing

Cleanse your face twice a day. If you have a dry skin reduce it to one time. According to dermatologist you should choose cleanser according to your skin type. Use salicylic gel and benzoyl peroxide for acne and oily skin.  Use milky or glycolic cleanser for dry skin. Use alpha hydroxy cleanser for skin that have brown spots.

Avoid too many products

Layering of multiple skin care products can damage your skin. It can be harsh for skin and cause breaking of cells.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet is necessary to keep skin healthy as skin is the natural barrier. Eat fresh fruits greens proteins and vitamins. Walnut, salads, or flex seeds in your diet can boost up the omega 3 in your diet as omega 3 increases the moister holding capacity of skin. Avoid food that is rich in carbohydrates, spicy and fermented foods. Take vitamins and supplements in your diet to keep yourself healthy.

By moisturizing

Moisturize your skin both at night and day. Nighttime is the best time to moisturize the skin. Use moisturizer with low fragrance.

Hydrate yourself

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water to avoid sagging of skin. Use always hydrating formulas i.e. moisturizer, cleansers etc.

Avoid heat exposure

Keep your skin away from heat. It maybe the open fire or sun. it can cause inflammation or breakdown of collagen. It is recommended by dermatologist keep yourself 10 feet away from fire. So next time keep yourself away from open fire when you are roasting something.

Exfoliate your skin after 3 to 4 days

Exfoliate your skin after every 3 to 4 days to keep skin cells is necessary to remove dead cells as it can make skin dull and unhealthy. Not only face your body also needs exfoliation. For this purpose you can use walnut powder in yogurt to exfoliate your skin simply.

Vitamins should penetrate in skin

A complete diet is necessary for skin but there is another way to take vitamins by serums and creams that contains nourishing ingredients i.e. vitamin C cream.


Apply sunscreen before doing out. Apply SPF 30 or broad just 15 minutes before going to outside. One with darker skin tone needs more protection from sun as hyperpigmentation in this tone is harder to correct. You should put sunscreen in every condition even in cloudy days also. Reduce sun exposure especially between the 10 a.m. to 2p.m. only sunscreen.

Keep your routine simple

fade or fancy products sometimes can work but it is a fun to try them. They off the shelves as quickly as they are on them says Dr. prystowsky. Use a cleanser or moisturizer that can work best for your skin.

Sleeping routine

Take proper sleep approximately about eight hours. Use silk pillowcases as its materials prevent the skin from wrinkles and collagen damage. If you want better skin and hair you should use them.

Remove makeup before bed

Always remove your makeup before going to bed because makeup can damage your skin. Your skin needs to breath and makeup prevent the skin from breathing. Its not necessary to remove makeup with any type of cleansing milk you can remove it with the help of olive oil.


Skin is the most sensitive part of body and needs more care than any other act as barrier. Do exercise for blood circulation avoid stress. Cleanse your skin before going to bed and apply moisture. Use best makeup products. Take smart sleep and keep your skin hydrated. Take a balanced diet. Skin health is your health.

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