How to keep your hairs healthy

How to keep your hairs healthy

How to keep your hairs healthy

Hair are one of the most beautiful part of humans. Everyone needs beautiful hair as it adds beauty in your personality. No matter which type of hair you have. You should know about basic hair tips. We are going to share some basic hair tips.


  • Always wash your hairs with lukewarm water. Hot water shower may give you a relax feeling but it can wash out all essential oils from your hair and leave them dry.
  • Wash your hairs on regular basis but do not wash them daily it can make your hair dry and fizzy. Use shampoo always in concentrated form as it contains chemicals that can damage your scalp and hair health.
  • Use conditioner to moister your hair. Try to use same brand for shampoo and conditioner.
  • Do not use towel to dry out your hairs try a cotton t-shirt as it is gentler to hairs than the towel.
  • Do not comb wet hair as they are fragile and easily breakable. Leave them to dry naturally and comb them. Try a broad toothed comb.
  • Trim your hairs intervalley to avoid split ends.
  • Use silk or satin pillowcases instead of cotton as cotton pillowcases absorb beauty products and can be harsh on strands.
  • Take a break from your regular ponytail. High ponytails can put an inconvenient strain on hair strands. Try loose ponytails and softer hair ties.
  • Always protect your hair before any type of styling i.e. straightening, blow drying or curling. Use hair protectants to avoid damage. You can use fresh aloe vera gel before straightening and blow drying. 
  • Always keep your styling tools on medium or low heat as it reduces the hair damages along with perfect styling.


  • Take 1 cup of coconut oil and half cup of caster oil and mix them. Apply that mixture in hairs to get strong and shiny hairs.
  • Take coconut oil and add ¼ part of its almond oil in it and mix it. Apply it in your scalp to get black, shiny, and soft hair. Almond oil improves the texture of hair and softens the hairs.
  • You can use olive oil in your hairs it can nourish your hair.
  • Make a mixture of olive oil, honey, and cinnamon powder. Massage it in your scalp and washes out after 15 minutes.


Combine half avocado, half teaspoon of honey,1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 egg. Mix them and apply on your hair washes it out after 30 minutes.

Take half cup of coconut milk and add 4-5 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix them and massage the scalp. Put shower cap on hair to penetrate in roots. It is a protein rich mask.

Take yogurt,1 tablespoon mustard oil or olive oil,1 egg and mix. Apply it in your hair from top to bottom. Wear shower cap wash it out after 30 minutes.

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