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Nail art has lifted the posture of nails from just fingertips in the world of beauty. Plain painting of nails using nail polish at home is constantly becoming a thing of the past. Nails have given a new means of expressing beauty. A well-done nail art adds glamor to your entire look. It is no more restricted to one group or community, rather it has been popularized everywhere. Whether you are a college student or a woman in her sixties, whether you work in an office or are a celebrity, Nail art has attracted everyone towards it. Contact UK International London Beauty School to enroll at a Nail art course with us.

Get Your Career Off The Ground With Training In The Art Of Nail Design.

UK International London Beauty School is pleased to provide the industry's most in-depth training program for aspiring expert nail technicians. Promoting high-quality education is something we've always been committed to. We're here to support you in your pursuit of a career in the nail industry if you have the passion, aspiration, and determination to do so.

Students at our school learn the skills they'll need to become successful, competitive nail technicians. If you enroll in our nail technician program, you'll be able to hone your skills in a real-world salon setting.

Our best nail art course is structured into a number of sub-categories and qualities that correspond to a wide range of difficulty levels to ensure that students are challenged appropriately. Don't pass up this once-in-a-lifetime chance to further your career as a Nail Technician.

There is a wealth of information here that will be useful whether you are just starting out in the nail industry, are an aspiring nail tech, or are an experienced pro.



We Upskill, We Encourage And We Help You Become Successful

We at UK International London Beauty School understand that nail artist need to keep upskilling themselves to stay updated with trends in the international nail art community.

It is important to learn new skills and to keep polishing the old ones to be a successful nail artist. If you happen to be an aspiring successful nail artist, check out the Nail art course from UK International London Beauty School- the best nail art course in India.

The course begins with introductory sessions on the concept and fundamentals of nail art. It is followed by basic and advanced level training on brush work, accessory use, glitter work, needlework, foil work, marble work, and sponge work. In this process, the objective is to make students familiar with various kinds of nail shapes, nail polish use, and acrylic color.

Apart from that, our nail art course in India course also includes advanced training sessions on acrylic and gel extensions covering clear jobs, French tip, refilling, and removal techniques. The course will not take a long time and you will be absolutely ready and confident to begin your journey as a Nail Artist.

Overview Of All The Skills You Would Be Getting With Nail Art Course

Brush Art

A good nail artist uses a good set of nail art brushes to make nail art easy and look desirable. As a nail artist, how do you decide on what brush to use for nail art? Round brush, striper brush, flat brush, angled brush, fan brush, detailing brush, and other brush are just a few among the many options you have. It is important to learn their role, significance, and appropriate combinations.

Glitter Art

Glitter art helps you add some sparkle to your nails. One of the many great things about glitter nails is the design possibilities. These immense possibilities make it essential that you master this skill and precisely known dos and don'ts of this skill

Needle Work

How do you use a nail point drill pen properly? Or how to attach a pen to a needle. These are basic questions but very important questions. They might seem simple but have a lot of depth such as grip and delicacy. To understand these subtleties, needlework becomes essentially important.

Foil Art

Using transfer foil in nail art is not new, yet it has recently seen a resurgence in demand. After all, foil can provide instantly remarkable results that will easily woo your more adventurous clientele—and provide you with a quick upsell opportunity. As a nail artist, this skill could be your most demanded one.

Marble Work

In this nail art technique, we place drops of nail polish into a cup of water to make a beautiful swirl of color on the surface. It is then used to create a marbleized pattern on nails. The fun part about it is the endless color combos you can create.

Sponge Work

Using this technique, a skilled artist can easily make sponge art within minutes. You can make multi mix designs using sponge nail art tools.

Those of you who want to become professional Nail artists by learning advanced techniques need to enroll with UK International London Beauty School for its nail art course.

The nail art course India covers all the topics included above besides learning pro-level gel and acrylic extensions, Gelicure, inbuilt art with Femocane, Dry flowers, Rhime stones; 3D nail art, Sculptures, and working with the drill machine.



Best Nail Art Course In India - UK International London Beauty School

We are committed to offering comprehensive guidance to our students in multiple domains and teach all about the latest trends and designs in nail art and nail extensions. We provide all our students to gain live experience by throwing them into the real-life work culture to make them ready for any challenges ahead!

Click on the link below to get in contact with us. If you have any queries, write to us at our customer care number.

What Are The Things Covered In The Nail Art Course?

Learn how to apply concealer, foundation, and a daily or nighttime makeup routine as part of this makeup course training. Celebrity makeup artists with experience teach the classes in this makeup certificate program.

The lessons last for two months and are held five days a week for three hours each. We also provide a product kit. The following are widely covered throughout the course:

  • Facial structure theory
  • Product knowledge
  • Personal hygiene theory
  • Brush knowledge
  • Contouring, highlighting, and eye shadow application
  • Day makeup
  • Eye makeup
  • Party makeup
  • Business makeup


What Are The Career Prospects After The Nail Art Course?

If you have a natural gift for using cosmetics to make people look amazing, you have the entire beauty business at your disposal to explore and build a career in. You would like to know where your profession choice takes you when you are training to become one. Here are the top careers for makeup artists that you can pursue.

Bridal Makeup Artist Services

This is a sizable sector and one that offers potential for the Indian cosmetics industry. Your customers will span all wedding-related parties and events, not just the brides themselves, but also their moms, bridesmaids, etc. This enables you to network with potential clients and travel to new locations for work. Your work will be evaluated there and then.

Salon makeup artist

As a makeup artist, you can also affiliate with a salon. You can have plenty of opportunities in your place of employment to deal with dependable clients while maintaining complete financial security.

Beauty blogger

The most in-demand professional path is writing makeup reviews if you also have a knack for writing. You can begin by putting together several looks, developing a portfolio, discussing the greatest cosmetics and beauty products, giving them reviews, and sharing makeup and styling tips, methods, and hacks. However, it will take time and work for you to become established in the blogging industry. It requires no financial commitment, and after you establish yourself and develop in popularity, you may also start a career as a makeup and beauty influencer.

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