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Did you know that by going above and above the minimum standards for your esthetician license, you can open doors to working in a luxurious five-star spa? The key is the internationally recognized diploma from the CIDESCO course program. UK International London Beauty School CIDESCO course will put you ahead of the pack.
Training from CIDESCO is widely recognized as among the best ways to boost one's career prospects.
An internationally recognized credential, CIDESCO (Comite International d'Esthetiqueset de Cosmetology) not only instils a sense of professionalism but also provides access to a wide range of career paths.
It's a program available nationally, so graduates can find work anywhere in the world and flaunt their talents to potential employers. CIDESCO's headquarters are located in the Swiss city of Zurich. The organisation was established there in 1946. CIDESCO is a global organisation that provides many spa and beauty-related training programmes. Different schedule options, such as full-time, part-time, and online, are available. Courses at the Postgraduate/Recognized Prior Learning level are also available through CIDESCO. CIDESCO's diploma and certificate programmes are well-regarded all across the globe. They are provided in the realm of aesthetic therapy. Spa therapy, beauty therapy, epilation, aromatherapy, media makeup, spa management, and more are some of the specialised services provided by CIDESCO. If you're looking to take your beauty career to the next level and become a well-respected professional in the fields of makeup artistry, hairstyling, skin care, nail art, nutrition, and even entrepreneurship, go no farther than London Beauty Academy, the premier international beauty school. Our mission at London Beauty Academy is to provide each aspiring beauty professionals with the tools they need to succeed no matter where their career takes them.

CIDESCO: Nature of Work

The following are examples of some of CIDESCO's primary functions:
  • To increase awareness of spa treatments for aesthetics and health around the world.
  • Establish community hubs devoted to learning.
  • To become the gold standard in the world of spa therapy and cosmetic enhancement.
  • International conferences devoted to making business connections.

This beauty therapy programme is an excellent option for those seeking rapid career advancement in a financially rewarding field. A CIDESCO beauty treatment certificate programme could pave the way to a promising career in the expanding beauty industry.

The Aesthetics and Beauty treatment industry highly emphasises the CIDESCO course, the most respected qualification in the sector.

Here at the UK International London Beauty School- the best place for makeup and beauty courses, we provide students with theoretical and practical training in various beauty-related fields. Trainees will obtain hands-on experience with real clients in a supervised and encouraging environment. They've worked in the spa and salon sector for quite some time. Our curriculum includes both classroom instruction and hands-on exercises. Because of this, it is a superb setting for education.



What Are The Benefits Of A Cidesco Course?

Respected All Across The Globe.

No matter where you call home, you'll have no trouble finding work as a qualified addition to the staff in a high-end spa.

Options For Fulfilling Work Are Excellent.

Although most spas will hire estheticians with a basic licence, competition for positions in high-end spas and salons has intensified in recent years. With a CIDESCO certificate in India under your belt, you'll be in great demand for positions at five-star spas, wellness resorts, exotic destination resorts, and cruise ships. You'll also be desirable for product development and testing positions in top-tier cosmetics and manufacturing companies.

Why Join UK International London Beauty School?

Over tens of thousands of students have been educated with us, making us a preeminent institution in the field of Beauty & wellness field. The UK International London Beauty School has over a hundred courses and workshops in Skin, Hair, Makeup, and Nutrition, catering to everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals looking to brush up on their skills.

Several factors contribute to this institution's high quality of training, including its world-class environment, R&D-guided and driven courses, cutting-edge infrastructure, cutting-edge training equipment, highly qualified and trained faculty, frequently updated curriculum, international affiliations by CIDESCO, and devoted placement cell.



What Are The Career Progressions/Opportunities For Cidesco Graduates?

We can confidently guarantee that the possibilities for a CIDESCO alum are virtually limitless.

  • Countless opportunities await you in the cosmetics sector.
  • Get your foot in the door as an entry-level beauty therapist in a salon, spa, or cruise ship, and work your way up to senior or head therapist.
  • Train with high-end products and services while working for a hotel company catering to the affluent.
  • Take the plunge and start your own company; as business increases, you can move into a more prominent location or start a franchise.
  • Makeup artists and makeup designers are in high demand in the film and television industries.
  • Develop new goods, train employees, and close deals for a global corporations like Estee Lauder, LVMH, or L'Oréal.
  • You may become a professor of beauty therapy at a university, a private school, or a college of further education.
  • Participate in the establishment of standards and new certifications for this rapidly emerging Industry by working for examining bodies like CIDESCO.

Graduates of CIDESCO are highly sought after by some of the most prestigious names in the beauty care industry because of the prestige of the CIDESCO certification. International businesses like Dermalogica, Nimue, and Steiner have publicly endorsed the CIDESCO qualification and the graduates who have earned it.

Consequently, the future of the cosmetics business is bright and promising. If you're interested in our CIDESCO Beauty Therapy course but haven't had the good fortune to be accepted yet, don't hesitate to contact us here at Ray Cochrane, London's premier and most prestigious beauty academy.

Why Us- UK International London Beauty School?

Because of the rigorous nature of the CIDESCO Beauty certification in India, we here at UK International London Beauty School are aware of the need to provide a top-notch education. As the oldest beauty school in London, we are confident that you will not find a better opportunity to learn CIDESCO anywhere else.

Reach out to us if you're interested in learning more about our company and how you may begin a rewarding career in beauty treatment. We’re a premier institute for makeup and beauty courses in India.


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