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What happens when you are at that point of your life where you are standing at a crossroads, and you are required to make a decision that is going to stick with you for the rest of your life? When you are just about to finish high school, the next big step is what you should do in college.
Some of us have figured out that we want to study this particular course at this particular college. But if you are the other half, still deciding what path to take, don’t be ashamed you are at the right place, and you might just the thing for yourself, i.e. Cosmetology or a beauty course.
UK International London Beauty School offers a wide range of beauty courses. Talk to our counselor to know more about the course.
Before getting into the technicalities of the course, let us learn what makes a good beautician.

Skills To Develop For A Good Beautician

1. Communication : Every field requires one thing, and that is having good communication skills. But it is more important if you want to become a beautician, you are not only supposed to be an interactive person but also come across as friendly and approachable. Under our beauty courses, we also help with enhancing communication skills.

2. Time Management : You must know how to manage your time properly. If you want to be successful in this field, you must learn to properly juggle your clients and be as flexible for them as possible.

3. Dynamic : You must be dynamic and ever eager to learn. The industry is ever-changing and you must change with it and learn to settle in with the latest beauty trends.

4. Know the Aesthetics : Understanding aesthetics is a really important part of the course. Not only this, but you will also have to learn about skin and different skin conditions. You need to have a good understanding of skin, hair and nail biology. In India, it is compulsory to have a 50%+ aggregate in 10+2 with a background in physics, chemistry and biology to pursue Cosmetology. So be ready to study a lot of Biology. Do you think you tick all these boxes? Then why not dig in further and know what courses are available and what can be pursued in the future after getting this degree?



Courses To Be Pursued At UK International London Beauty School

Beauty courses are as short as two weeks and can extend up to 4 years as well. Depending on the course you pursue.

There are:

  • Short-term certificates in Beautician and Makeup
  • Advanced Certificate or Professional certificates in Beautician and Makeup
  • Diploma in Beautician and Makeup (duration 3 to 12 months)

Career Options Available To You After Our Courses:

  • 1. Make-Up Artist
  • 2. Nail Technician
  • 3. Cosmetologist
  • 4. Hair Removal Technician
  • 5. Influencer
  • 6. Hair Stylist
  • 7. Entrepreneur

The list is long. You learn to style hair, do professional make-up and the most fast-rising industry, a Nail Technician. All of us love make-up but going with it on another level and unleashing your creativity on your skin that’s a totally different type of thrill. You can even become an influencer and help others with your knowledge. Think this is for you and can imagine your future in this field but are still confused about where to go.



Uk International London Beauty School- We’re One Of The Finest And Best Institutes For Beauty Courses In India.

UK International London Beauty School, with the vision of developing pioneers in the world of International pro beauty professionals, offers a wide range of courses with several National and Internationally certified courses.

Courses offered by UK International London Beauty School:

  • 1. International Master Diploma Program in Makeup Artistry
  • 2. International Diploma Program in Makeup Artistry
  • 3. International Diploma Program in Special Effect Makeup
  • 4. International Diploma Program in Hairdressing
  • 5. International Advanced Diploma Program in Hairdressing

There are several other small International certified courses for skin, nail, cosmetology and Salon management. The academy also offers master's degree courses like

International Master Diploma Program in Makeup Artistry
Master Certificate Course in Makeup Artistry

The academy also provides a long range of small certified courses. These are short-term courses like learning Bridal Makeup, Hair styling, Eye Makeup, Personal Grooming and Nail Styling.

Make A Career In Cosmetology- Enroll At Beauty Courses With Us

The range of courses this academy offers is long, but so does the other academies. The reason that makes UK International London Beauty School stand apart is what it has to offer. The work of this academy is not only imparting education but also helping the students to find themselves in the industry.

The industry as mentioned, is fast-paced, and the academy will train you as a future:
International Hair Stylist
International Eye Lash
International Job Opportunities
International Beauty Influencer
Launch Your Beauty Brand
Beauty Industry Trainer

And several more opportunities Apart from the courses and the industry opportunities offered, UK International London Beauty School also offers support in different forms like Scholarship and Loan facilities. They also provide accommodation facilities and out and in-house event exposure. These events provide maximum exposure to students to showcase their talents. Join UK International London Beauty School to hone your skills,


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